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OmniFilter - Omni Water Filter Cartridge CB1

Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Instructions

Filter cartridges for the CBF1 Series C will last about 1,000 gallons or twelve months and the CBF3 Series C will last about 400 gallons or 6 months before they need to be replaced.

Filter cartridge life varies depending on usage, and/or water conditions. Changes in taste, color, and flow of the water being filtered indicate that the cartridge should be replaced. 

NOTE: Read all instructions before replacing filter cartridge.

A) Turn off cold water supply and open the drinking water faucet to release pressure from system.

B) Unscrew and remove bottom of filter housing. Locate and remove large O-ring, wipe clean of lubricant, and set aside.

C) Discard used filter cartridge. Using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, scrub the bottom of filter housing, O-ring groove, and cap with dish soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Fill bottom of the housing 1/3 full with water.

Add 1 tablespoon of household bleach and scrub to disinfect.

D) Lubricate O-ring with silicone grease. Insert O-ring in groove and press into place.

NOTE: This step is important to ensure a proper housing seal. Make certain each O-ring is seated level in its groove or a leak may occur.

E) Screw bottom of housing with bleach water onto cap without filter cartridge and hand-tighten.


F) Turn on water supply. Let faucet run for about 10 seconds, then turn off faucet and let stand for 20-30 minutes.

G) Turn on faucet and allow bleach water to run out (about 3-5 minutes).

H) Turn off water supply to system and open faucet to release pressure. Remove bottom of housing and empty water.

I) Insert filter cartridge into bottom of filter housing:

Screw bottom of housing onto cap and hand-tighten.

DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Make certain cap standpipe slips into cartridge.

J) Open water supply and turn on drinking water faucet to release pressure in system. Let faucet run for 5 minutes to remove trapped air and carbon fines. Check system for leaks before leaving installation.




The CB3 is the highest performance carbon block cartridge on the market today. It is used in OMNI Undersink filters CBF3, OT32, and OB3. The CB3's carbon block removes chlorine and odors, harmful bacteria like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, lead, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like Atrazine (a herbicide) and Lindane (a pesticide), as well as 32 other VOCs, to give you great tasting, safe drinking water right from the tap, or from a dedicated faucet, depending on the unit selected.

Need Help? Please call our customer service number: (855) 855-1976 for assistance. 
Change cartridge filter every 400 gallons  (4 months).  CB3 Replacement Instructions
CB3  Cartridge - For CBF3, For CBF3 Series B, OT32 and OT32 Series B Filters

K4 O-Ring* - For CBF3, CBF3 Series B,  OT32 & OT32 Series B

OW1 Tank Wrench - For CBF3 & OT32

OW30 Tank Wrench - For CBF3 Series B & OT32 Series B

NOTE: California Residents   Due to California Law, we are unable to sell you the Omnifilter CB3.  We found a compatible cartridge and will send that to CA residents instead.

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CB3 Pricing 
Depends on Model Number 

  CB3C - for California Residents  $39.94
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** We recommend using fresh
Lubricant with every
cartridge change
and every o-ring change.


Help - What Oring do I need?

plumbing fittings

  K4 O-ring + $3.95

(if selected above)



- Help - 
What wrench do I need?

  Universal Strap Wrench 
+ $19.99 (fits all Omni filters)

  OW1 Wrench + $19.99
(Strap Wrench fits all Omni filters)

  OW30 Wrench + $7.99

(if selected above)



Model CB3
Filter type Carbon Block
Reduces: Rust & Sediment (Class I)
  Odor & Chlorine (98%)
  Lead (97%) Mercury, Asbestos
  Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cysts (99.99%)
  VOCs (97-99%) - Including Atrazine & Lindane   MTBE 
Benefits Reduces lead, Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, and 34 VOCs at 97% or better. Also removes chlorine and odors to give you great tasting water.
Average Cartridge Life 1 400 gal
Flow Rate2 0.5 gpm
Micron Rating 3 0.5

1 Usage and the quality of water in your incoming line determine when your cartridge should be changed.
2 Gallons per minute.
3 The smaller the micron, the finer the filtration.


Click On Links For Tank Wrench and Replacement O-Rings Information

Installation Information

If you have an older Omni filter model that has been discontinued and need an O-Ring, please call our customer service number: (855) 855-1976 for assistance.


The CB3 filter cartridge replaces the TC3 or TC 3 filter cartridge.

Also called CB3 or CB 3 filter cartridge.

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NOTE: as of 2008, the design of the CB3 has changed again. The CB3 will now be open at both ends. Another major difference is that this newer version will last longer (up to 6 months).

If you receive a new model and you are unable to close the top of your housing, please remove the o-ring(s) from the new filter and use the ones from the old filter, as the new ones may be thicker. This should allow you to close the lid on the housing.




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