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GFCI Outlets are required in garages, bathrooms, undersinks and near water.


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Whole-house filtration
These types of filters generally used for:
Reducing rust, sediment,  
- overall general filtering - 

Under-sink and point of use - water purifiers
These types of filters generally used for:
Drinking water, cooking, 
Reducing filters bacteria, odor, chlorine, lead, etc.
- specific, stronger filtering - 

Drinking water filtered at the faucet

Fridge/ice-maker filtration
Better tasting ice and in door drinking water

Water Pitcher Filter
Purified Drinking Water with no power, nor pressure needed
On the countertop, in the refrigerator, or outdoors.
Great for RVs!

Shower Filters
Reduces sediment, rust, odor and chlorine - reduces the effects of hard water buildup.

Find the Right Cartridge  
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Is There Weed Killer In Your Drinking Water?

These wonderful Omni filters remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as Atrazine, (an herbicide) and Lindane, (a pesticide):

The CBF3 undersink filter 
with the CB3 cartridge.
The OT32 undersink filter.

Replacement Faucets 
for RO2000

Omni Filter Parts




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Clearbrook Water Filters

So Effective...You can drink water
from lakes, streams or tap!

Just Fill, Squeeze & Drink Clear Water!

Effectively Reduces 99.99% of Contaminants such as Cryptosporidium,
Giardia, E-Coli and more!

Clear Brook Water Filters


The Best Undersink Water Filter
Omni OT32
Easy to Install

Great Tasting Water

NEW Omni U30 Whole House Unit

Choosing a water filter
Shop by model number
Water filter parts

Replacement cartridges

RO 2000 
Replacement Faucet

Installation Information 

Omni water filters
Home water purifiers and filters provide clean, pure water for you and your family. Easy to install do it yourself water purification and filtration systems - a non-chemical water treatment. Omni water filters, purifiers, cleaners and distillers; for clean drinking water. New technology removes harmful bacteria, chemicals, pollution.

Great tasting drinking water for pennies day! Don't you want the best for your family? Choose a OMNI Water Filter today!


Purchase Omni Reverse Osmosis ( RO2000) Purification Unit

Purchase Omni RO2000 Cartridges

Purchase Omni RO2000 Replacement Faucets


Filter Model # Cartridge Model #
SFM2 GAC1  or CB1 or RS4
UC2 GAC1 - Double Pack (uses 2 - GAC1 cartridges)
CBF1 CB1 or RS4
CBF2 1100R
CBF3 CB3 or CB20 or RS4
CBF20 CB20
OT32 CB3-RS2 Kit   (uses 2 cartridges)
OB3 GAC1  or  CB1  or  CB3   (choose 1)

Tank Wrenches And O-Rings

See More Choices...

Filter Model # Cartridge Model #
U25 TO1  or  RS1  or  RS2  or  RS3  or  RS5 or RS7  or RS12  or RS14 (choose 1)
U30 TO1  or  RS1  or  RS2  or  RS3  or  RS5 or RS7  or RS12  or RS14 (choose 1)
BF7 RS6  or  TO6  or  CB6  or  TO8  or  RO6  (choose 1)
OB1 TO1  or   RS1  or  RS2  or   RS3  or  RS5 or RS7  or RS12  or RS14  (choose 1)
OB5 TO1  or   RS1  or  RS2  or  RS3  or  RS5 or RS7  or RS12  or RS14 (choose 1)
U24 TO1  or   RS1  or  RS2  or  RS3  or RS4  (choose 1)
R12 RS1  or  TO1  or   RS2  or  RS3     (choose 1)
R14 TO1  or   RS1  or   RS2  or  RS3     (choose 1)
Omni Regular RS1  or   RS2 or TO1  or  RS3     (choose 1)


Shop by model number 

Replacement Cartridges,   Find the Right Cartridge,   Get Help Choosing

An Omnifilter is the solution for safer, cleaner, great-tasting water on tap at a fraction of the cost of bottled water! Choose from under sink, faucet mount, whole house or refrigerator filtration systems for healthier drinking water today!

Whole-house filters | Under-sink filters | Faucet-mount Countertop  
Refrigerator/ice-maker filters | Shower Filters | Water Pitcher Filters

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