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Omni RO2000 -  Trouble Shooting Information

 RO2000 Troubleshooting 

If the RO2000 Storage Tank is not filling up:
  • Check storage tank to see if full (if the tank is heavy, then it's full
  • Check for blockage restrictions - get a bucket, disconnect tubing and check the flow in & out of every cartridge. If there is not any flow, then change the cartridges.
  • Check the clean water line at the "t" fitting.
  • Check the yellow tubing and make sure the storage tank valve is open. (Disconnect valve with yellow tubing and run line into a bucket to check for flow). If there isn't any flow, replace storage tank valve.
  • Check pressure in tank. Tank should have 5-7 lbs of air (check with tire gauge).
  • Make sure teflon tape is not covering the storage tank hole opening.
Leaks from faucet:
  • Disconnect 3/8" tubing from waste drain saddle valve and run directly into a bucket. Keep the end of the 3/8" tubing from being submerged. If the faucet still leaks, then the air gap is allowing water to escape. The faucet may need to be replaced. 

Leaks from fittings:

  • Remove the fitting and teflon tape all threads with three layers in a diagonal pattern.

Valve on top of holding tank leaks:

  • Remove valve and apply teflon tape to threads on the holding tank and screw valve back on hand tight.
  • If valve is leaking where yellow tube is inserted, then remove tube, cut with sharp razor and reinsert 5/8".

Leaks from quick connect fitting:

  • Remove tubing by depressing collar and gently pulling out the tubing, be sure there are no burrs to jagged edges, tubing may need to be re-cut, and then insert tubing back into quick connect fitting 5/8".

Faucet does not stop gurgling:

  • Blue RO membrane is not pushed into the housing far enough. It takes a lot of force to get the membrane into the right position. Remove end-cap from white RO membrane housing and push the membrane in with much more force. 

Not making water fast enough:

  • Be sure the saddle valve is installed on copper tubing only. If it is on plastic tubing, a slow restriction will be experienced.
  •   Filter cartridges or RO membrane could be clogged. Change the filter TO1 and CB1 filters first. If problem persists, check R200-A for water flow. Do so by disconnecting blue tubing to faucet, run water into large jug. Use valve on the top of the holding tank to turn water on and off. If after changing the three cartridges, the water flow is still low and there once was good pressure, then change the membrane.

Water does not ever stop coming out of faucet:

  • RO membrane needs to be pushed into housing.
  • The two inlet tubes entering the 4-way shut off valve are crossed.
Operating Specifications

Maximum Daily Flow Rate ....... 13 Gallons per Day
Maximum Water Temperature ..... 40-100 degrees F
Maximum Water Pressure ........ 100 psi

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